It’s obvious that a good amount of homeowners always prefer to make their purchases online due to the fact that it may save their time, effort and money. I totally agree that it does save one maybe the money, the time and effort, but to an EXTENT. In other words, let me ask you this: Is your property an asset or a liability? The reason I ask that question is because there are so many people (who from experience) have made the poor decision on buying an automatic gate opener online instead of physically getting taken care of at a security gate and access control store such as US Gate Supply.

        First of all, it can be time consuming to make a purchase online but majority of the sellers do not offer warranty! That is a HUGE red flag and difference from buying online rather than coming inside a store where qualified professional help awaits you! And When you purchase the gate opener online, it’s just that! The gate operator itself. Here at US Gate Supply we sell our openers in packages that include every gate hardware and accessory a homeowner needs to get their gate opener working in full approved conditions. In addition to that, every gate operator package includes a minimum of a 3-5 year warranty!

Lastly, you can really be screwing yourself over by trying to save money and purchase a gate opener online because of lower prices. Totally understandable, but majority of those sellers not only do some NOT provide warranty and won’t even tell you about it, but the Machinery won’t comply with state electrical codes and regulations such as UL325. Another major red flag which can cause more of a severe issue if your home was to ever get inspected. Oh, and did I forget to mention that’s illegal?

If you’ve gotten this far on reading this article, i suggest you save yourself the headaches, money, and consequences by taking the time to talk to a professional on any questions you may have when thinking about purchasing a gate operator. We are here to help you and hope that this quick information was useful or beneficial in some way because we care!

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