UL 325:

       First and foremost, UL325 (Underwriters Laboratories) is the industry’s highest safety requirements. EVERY gate operator MUST be marked with a UL logo on the gate operator in order to meet these obligations. All of our commercial door openers and gate operators perform with the required qualifications. US GATE SUPPLY always makes sure that every single product is approved and tested before supplying any of our customer’s needs. Therefore, this allows us to continue making sure that our customers are provided with the highest quality of safety for their families and their property of course. But wait, how can you know whether your machinery is in compliance or is marked under UL regulations? Look for a sticker or logo similar to this on your operator to confirm it is.



No matter what type of gate operator you purchase and install, whether it be a Residential, Commercial or Industrial Class, you MUST make sure that it is running with a safety motion sensor. According to Door & Access Systems Association, all external entrapment protection sensors MUST be monitored, and the operator must verify the presence of every device at least once during each open and close cycle. In other words, once a gate operator is installed with its safety motion sensor, one way to test it out is to put your leg out or any object in front of the device while it is closing. If installed correctly, the gate will receive the signal of the entrapment device and automatically return to the opening position, because it has recognized the signal being blocked by the motion in front of the device. This will save several headaches and unwanted accidents or scratches on a homeowner’s vehicle! With this being said, if you are still not sure on what an external entrapment protection sensor looks like, keep your eyes out for an example like this below.

(Brand will vary depending on the brand of your gate operator or receiver)




Look, I know how tempting it may be to make life a little bit easier and convenient by shopping online. Especially when you see those super low prices, but you’ll be paying a higher price when your Gate operator does not have your back covered by making sure it’s under warranty! Or to make matters worse, it’s not up to the industry’s safety requirements! So what happens when you get scammed and receive your gate opener with no warranty and after only a couple weeks or even months of operating it starts acting up? The board on the motor breaks down, you hit it on accident by backing out of your driveway, or simply no maintenanced has been provided continuously causing it to break down? Now what? Sorry to break it to you but there will be no returns, no refunds, and no replacement on any issue you come across.


Depending on the operator a customer may purchase, warranty length will cover them ranging up to 2-10 years minimum only.

Save yourself the unnecessary stress and headaches. When you purchase any operator with us, our customers are provided with the highest quality of lifetime warranty. GUARANTEED. Come talk to the godfathers in the industry and they’ll provide an offer where it’s impossible to say no!


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