Selecting electric gates for commercial or residential environments is important to provide security and the proper way of entering and exiting the premises.


Automatic gates can be used for residential, commercial and industrial properties. They come in a variety of models that include slide, swing,vertical lift, bi-folding, and barrier arm gates. Each style opens and closes a different way that allows traffic to enter and exit. These electric gates control which vehicles are allowed into a specific area that has been secured. For example, companies that use automated gates secure their property and parking to control the flow of traffic coming in and out of their location. Others use automatic gates to let their employees enter a private parking area, while visitors park elsewhere.

Homeowners use automatic gates to secure their property entrance in and out of the premises. Residents may also want to use these operators to keep kids and pets from staying outside of their property boundaries. Another very important reason why a homeowner decides to automate their gate would be to keep any stranger from entering their property.


Tips to select Automatic Gates:

  1. The traditional entry gate style is the horizontal Sliding Gate. This particular type of gate are commonly used for residential and commercial purposes. The gate moves parallel to the fencing, horizontally. It is supported by rolling wheels under the gate itself, rollers on the top sides and a metal track to guide from.


  1. Electronic entrance. Having controlled access to the entry gate allows you to open and close through push-button clickers, Video Intercoms, Keypads, and even with your Smartphone. Each of these items are used for commercial businesses that need additional secured access to their perimeters. This makes it harder to gain access of entrance and exit. Automatic gates can also use solar power to operate.


Choosing the right gate operator involves a mix of modern technology and security. They make it super convenient and secure for entry and exit of their location.

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