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Swing Gate Operators

If you are looking forward to increase the level of security at your property then the most appropriate option would be installing swing gate operators. Consider a situation when you are driving back late at your home. At that instant it is not considered safe to step out of car in order to open the gate as a burglar might be following you. This is why the majority of people prefer to install swing gate openers for enhancing the safety.

What are the factors to consider before installing swing gate?

Before going with the idea of installing swing gate operators one must keep in mind the frequency of usage and the weight of the door. This will help you greatly in order to decide between a swing gate that is meant for frequent usage and a swing gate for light use only.

After installation of the gate you need to make sure that the swing gate operators is working without any kind of hitch. Due to lack of proper care, swing gate openers system can get damaged, increasing the repair cost manifold. 

What are the benefits of swing gates?

The best thing about swing gate operators is that it can be used anywhere, even in stairs as a gate for pets. However, every model will differ with each other in terms of features and size. In most homes, you need around a three feet gate for its proper opening.  Swing gate openers are made of plastic and have a clear focal point, rendering the feeling of candidness even if a portion of the room is closed. Moreover, this might be a bonus for protection given by swing gate operators as there is absence of holes that can injure kids, unlike majority of other gates.

The consumers have the privilege to choose from a number of quality swing gate operators these days. It is always wise to scrutinize as per the needs of your home and then look for different door systems. The final decision should be made only after a proper search regarding swing gate operators. When you visit a gate operator store then try to inquire regarding all the instruments that are needed in case of a swinging door system. 

How the swing gate works?

The expediency factors associated with swing gate operators are amazing. When you attach the gate to the wall, it just needs to be unhooked and swinged to open or lock.  You can also come across a type of swing gate in which there is one hand open and close feature, meaning if your one hand is occupied then you can use just one hand to move through the gate. Similarly, if you are carrying a child then you can move through the gate without the need to put the child down. Swing gate openers mostly works better when you are carrying child in front of a restricted pet area.

If you are looking for high impact resistant and high-quality lockable molded plastic then make sure you take the help of professionals to get you the best service in no time.  

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  1. 104301

    FAAC S418 -24V Swing Gate Operator

    24VDC Electro-Mechanical swing gate operator with single-leaf max. Learn More

    Starting at: $650.00

  2. LA412 New

    LiftMaster LA412 Solar Powered Residential Gate Operator

    The LA412 is a solar powered residential swing gate operator with EverCharge® Power Management System Learn More

    Starting at: $737.00

  3. LA400 Swing Gate Operator New

    LiftMaster LA400 Residential DC Linear Gate Operator

    The LA400 has a powerful 24VDC motor, which provides exceptional starting torque and features soft start/stop operation.NEWEST MODEL Learn More

    Starting at: $681.00

  4. ramset30

    Ramset RAM 30 Swing Gate Operator

    The RAM 30 is the perfect operator when you need a small affordable residential unit. Learn More
  5. Ramset300

    Ramset RAM 300 Swing Gate Operator

    The RAM 300 features a powerful 1/2 horsepower, continous duty motor able to swing gates up to 18 feet in length and 800 pounds Learn More
  6. Toro 24 Swing Gate Operator

    All-O-Matic Toro Single Gate Kit

    All-O-Matic Toro Single Gate Kit Learn More
  7. Toro 24 Swing Gate Operator

    All-O-Matic Toro Double Gate Kit

    All-O-Matic Toro Double Gate Kit Learn More
  8. LPA-PRO-SW4000XLS

    LPA-PRO-SW4000XLS Swing Gate Opener Package (All Accessories Included)

    For gates up to a maximum of 20 ft (4.9 m) AND 1000 lbs (453.6 kg). Learn More
  9. LiftMaster LA500 DC Gate Operator

    LiftMaster LA500 Residential / Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

    The LA500 model is our most advanced residential DC swing gate operator. It is equipped with industry-leading features like MyQ® and Security+ 2.0™ communications, battery backup, and a capacity to handle gates up to 18 feet and 1,600 lbs. NEWEST MODEL

    Learn More

    Starting at: $2,130.00

  10. CSW24V New

    LiftMaster CSW24V High-Cycle Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator

    The LiftMaster® Elite Series® model CSW24V is engineered for a million cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications. Learn More

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