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Slide Gate Operators

In this age of extra cautiousness, you need protection not only from unnecessary visitors but also want to keep your kids within the boundaries of home. Naturally, a reliable set of slide gate operators would be the best option to ensure the security of your precious things. 

Why is slide gate preferred over other gates?

The homeowners are usually bombarded with huge options when to comes to buying an automatic gate. But, the slide gate operators are always the first choice because of the number of advantages it offers. To start with, on opening, they slide down the side of the wall, which prevents them from being visible. In case of other gates, there is always the problem of space in the driveway. However, with slide gate openers, the gates can be opened without hitting anyone.

The sliding gate operators are perfect for normal entry and exit of cars as the gate is built-in with a fixed speed motor with clutch in order to take care of the working of the sliding gate motor. The motor of the slide gate operators helps in smooth opening of the gate. A good quality sliding gate have usually minimum one warning light for making sure that people near the gate are completely alert before its use. This also helps the people to move out of the way of slide gate operators as quickly as possible.

How does a sliding gate work?

One of the major things that you need to bear in mind when using elite slide gate openers is that the gate should be safely opened or closed, thereby evading the risk of crushing anyone. The manufacturers try to embed the slide gate operators with anti-crush mechanism, which means that its torque system does not crush the thing/person whenever any entity is trapped beneath it. Once everything is done, the gate can be opened with the help of door security systems or remote control.

What are the other features of a sliding gate?

Slide gate openers can be fitted with electric motors which eliminates your need to step out of your car to open the route towards the home. These kinds of gates are normally in demand at the entrance to property that is located in crowded locations. The owner of the slide gate operators usually has a remote device that takes full control over the sliding gates.

The sliding gates of slide gate openers have strong and less penetrable panels as opposed to what is available with swing gates. As a result, the passage closures are extremely hard-wearing and long lasting. In addition, these gates can be designed to appear more attractive and functional. Irrespective of the type of fencing around your home, slide gate operators will be the most ideal option to enter the fence while sitting in your car. For more information, it is better to consult a professional and then take an informative decision.  No matter what slide gate operators you choose, never ignore the importance of safety measure because it will give entry only to the authorized people in your property. 

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  1. DC90

    All-O-Matic SL-90 DC Slider

    The SL-90 DC slide gate operator, is the smallest of our DC slide gate operators. Learn More
  2. 9100

    Doorking 9100 Commercial Slide Gate Operator

    The Model 9100 operator is designed to operate vehicular slide gates in residential and commercial applications. Learn More
  3. 9050 New

    Doorking 9050 Residential Slide Gate Operator

    The Model 9050 operator is designed to operate vehicular slide gates in residential applications only. Learn More
  4. HS-670

    LiftMaster HS670 Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Slide Gate Operator

    The LiftMaster® HS670 Heavy-Duty Operator is designed for commercial or industrial applications that require high cycles and large gates. Learn More

    As low as: $4,495.00

  5. SL585

    LiftMaster SL585 Industrial Slide Gate Operator

    The LiftMaster® SL585 is a durable heavy-duty gear-driven operator for use on heavy gates and high-cycle applications such as gated communities and industrial locations. Learn More

    As low as: $1,695.00

  6. SL595

    LiftMaster SL595 Heavy-Duty Industrial Slide Gate Operator

    The LiftMaster® SL595 is an extreme heavy-duty operator for industrial locations such as manufacturing plants and truck depots. Learn More

    As low as: $2,495.00

  7. SL3000

    LiftMaster SL3000UL8 Commercial Slide Gate Operator

    The SL3000UL™ models of slide gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications and high-demand customers, including large development and management companies Learn More

    Starting at: $2,078.60

  8. RSL12V

    LiftMaster RSL12V Slide Gate Operator with Battery Backup

    The RSL12V is our most advanced residential and light commercial pad mounted slide gate operator. Learn More
  9. LiftMaster CSL24VDC Slide Gate Operator

    LiftMaster CSL24V Slide Gate Operator with Battery Backup

    The LiftMaster® Elite Series® model CSL24V is engineered for a million cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications. NEWEST MODEL Learn More
  10. RAM5000

    Ramset RAM 5000 Series Slide Gate Operator

    When Strength, power and versatility are your requirements, then the RAM 5000 Series is your Solution. Learn More

    As low as: $1,725.00

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