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Vehicle Loop Detectors

If security of your property is your prime concern, or you are thinking of turning your area into a gated community, then it is best to first analyze which type of gate would be best for you. Fundamentally, it will come down to just one thing that what kind of property you are living in and the type of expectations you have from the security gate.

What kind of driveway gate is best for you?

If your residence comprises a single family, then the option of swinging gates would be the ideal one. Sadly, they are somewhat costly and are little difficult to maintain. In addition, they are also more likely to get damaged easily since drivers usually hurriedly try to enter inside and do not wait for the gate to open completely. If you stay in a place where the population of kids is more, swinging gates may not prove to be a good option.

People seeking a low-maintenance and durable option can opt for horizontally-sliding gates. It can work only with the help of one gate operator and is very less prone to damage because when a sliding gate is hit its control arm does not get affected easily.

What is the importance of loop detector?

Regardless of the type of gate system installed at your property, the significance of in-ground loop detectors cannot be ignored. The purpose of loop detectors is to sense the presence of vehicle near the gate and then send a signal to the gate operator. As a result, the gate operator will work as expected from it. Loop detectors are essential to prevent the hitting vehicles with the gate and also to permit vehicles within the property to exit without any kind of complication.

Loop detectors are made up of special impermeable insulation that is sealed with loop sealant. These loops also prevent the situation when a gate closes on your car. Usually, one detector is wired with two loops. Safety loop detectors are placed in both front and back of the gate.

Automatic safety gates are useful both for multi-house communities and single residences. The home security system experts propose that choosing loop detectors adds an extra layer of protection so that illegal entities remain far away. Installing gates and home security system is always an astute option. 

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  1. Model AX Vehicle Detector

    Model AX Vehicle Detector

    The Model AX is a full featured, single channel, single output vehicle detector Learn More
  2. D-TEK

    Vehicle Loop Detector D-TEK (box only)

    The D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector was designed for easy installation and operation. Learn More
  3. ULTRA V-2 D-TEK

    ULTRA V-2 D-TEK Plug in Style Vehicle Loop Detector with Two Outputs

    The Ultra V-2 D-TEK™ Vehicle Loop Detector is compact, delivers the full-featured functionality of the standard D-TEK product line Learn More

    ULTRA D-TEK Plug in Style Vehicle Loop Detector

    The Ultra D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector delivers plug-in compatibility with Elite’s OmniControl™ board operators Learn More
  5. Ultra II D-TEK

    Ultra II D-TEK Plug In Style Vehicle Loop Detector

    The Ultra II D-TEK Plug In Style Vehicle Loop Detector delivers the features and benefits found in the EMX ULTRA D-TEK to all operator controls that require a dry contact relay input. Learn More
  6. ULTRA II Motherboard

    ULTRA II Motherboard for Plug In Style Vehicle Loop Adaptors

    The compact ULTRA II Motherboard allows you to plug in up to three ULTRA II D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detectors in the same space as two regular detectors. Learn More
  7. D-TEK LM Board

    D-TEK LM Board Type Vehicle Loop Detector

    The D-TEK LM™ is a full fledged plug-in Vehicle Loop Detector that works with many of the Chamberlain operators, like 670, 575, 585 & 595 models. Learn More
  8. D-TEK-P-7

    Vehicle Loop Detector D-TEK-P-7 (Board Only)

    The D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector was designed for easy installation and operation. It provides maximum surge protection on all inputs and outputs of the detector. Learn More
  9. SP-24

    Surface Mounted Loop Pad SP-24 for Vehicle Loop Detectors

    The SP-24 Surface Mounted Loop Pad is designed for use with EMX D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detectors. Learn More
  10. EMX Lite

    EMX Lite Preformed Loop for Vehicle Loop Detectors

    The Lite Preformed Loop is a ready-to-use loop that works with all EMX vehicle loop detectors. Learn More

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